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Robert O. Mayer
,  BHSI,  FN.  has relocated to:

to Pittsburgh, PA

At this point, Robert only

takes Freelance Assignments.

Please contact Robert for more information.


Home  (412) 963-6235
Robert cell  (336) 749-0335

Ask about pricing for  freelancing at your barn ...
minimum of 4 riders for Robert
to travel to you.

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Welcome to the

Robert O. Mayer Riding Academy

 ROMRA smoffers Riding Instruction to ALL riders at EVERY level...


At  ROMRA sm, we specialize in Classical Dressage.
Other courses of study include Combined Training, Yoga for Riding,
Jumping, Instructor Education
and Riding Gymnastics.

Horses and riders are trained through Grand Prix Dressage and Haute Ecole.

All riding is classical in nature.  Our teaching and training methods draw on
 classical principles  - proven by time and handed down to us as guidelines
by the great riding Masters  who, throughout history have been much admired
for the beauty, elegance and willing submission of their horses.

Our sincere endeavor and great joy at ROMRA sm is to preserve
~  the art of Classical Riding  ~
within our equestrian education programs  ... 
 by training correctly and completely - professionals who will go out from here
to enhance the equestrian world with their enthusiasm for the sport
and great love for the horse.

 At ROMRA sm,  we believe that everyone should be able to
enjoy the benefits of quality riding instruction
on educated schoolmasters (lesson horses).

  For this reason,  our doors are open to those
who would like to learn to ride well, but whose interests
are recreational rather than professional.

 People from all walks of life enjoy riding.
They represent widely varied interests and levels of skill.
Many do not wish to compete or teach.

We are happy to teach them.

 We would like to extend to you our invitation 
to acquaint yourself with us.

Visitors are always welcome !
( please call ahead for an appointment )






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